“The toad presses”. In going to ruthlessly destroy the goods imported through Kazakhstan

The reason for lower duties WTO as compared to those in the Eurasian Union. Entrepreneurs importing goods imported to Russia through Kazakhstan, prefer to pay a bribe in the world more loyal to price than to satisfy the excessive appetites of Russian officials, dressed in “Taiga Union”.

Moscow may start a campaign for the destruction of goods that are imported into the country
through Kazakhstan. The corresponding bill is being prepared by the Russian Ministry of Finance, reports
“Dialogue UA”.

that special rule of law on economic regulation
trade, can enter into force it can be in June next year.

Talking about
the goods that arrive in Russia from abroad with the preliminary
the customs clearance in Kazakhstan. Not only of manufactured goods but also about
consumer products – clothes, shoes, cars.

the route allows you to pay lower customs duties rates in Kazakhstan
a number of goods have fallen below the rates of the Eurasian economic Union after
the country’s accession to the WTO.

the rate of duty on imports in Kazakhstan – 6.5% vs 10.4% in the EEU. And duties, for example,
the import of metal pipes – generally twice lower.

created a system of accounting of goods, which verifies information about products, fees for
where in the EEU above. But due to the lack of customs control on the border with
Kazakhstan’s goods at a reduced rate still imported to Russia.

Nawinia logistic company Marina Lyakisheva says that the goods
which are in transit through Kazakhstan are processed at rates of the WTO, to bring in
Russia is prohibited. At the same time pay the difference between the rates of the WTO and CET in Russia

the goods according to the draft decree will be destroyed,” she adds

We will remind, French
analysts have predicted the collapse
oil prices next year to ten dollars per barrel.

As previously
it was reported in the new
the sanctions list of the USA were as much as 23 Russian companies.