State Department: US does not supply MANPADS to Syrian rebels

Washington reacted to statements of the Russian foreign Ministry

The state Department said Tuesday that the United States is not supplying man-portable air defense systems to the Syrian opposition. Earlier in the day, Russia said that Washington’s decision to ease restrictions on arms supplies to Syrian rebels will open the opportunity to supply them with MANPADS, that would pose a direct threat to the Russian forces in Syria.

“In fact, we do not provide any… of MANPADS to the Syrian opposition, said state Department spokesman mark Toner. – We have seen such statements – our position on MANPADS has not changed – we are deeply concerned that weapons of this type can get into Syria.”

The us state Department reacted to the statement by the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, who accused the Obama administration in an attempt to complicate the future President Donald Trump doing business in the international arena, but also in its readiness to supply the Syrian opposition man-portable air defence systems.

“This is not a new accusation from their mouths, the fact is that we do not provide the Syrian opposition with any man-portable anti-aircraft missile complexes,” said Toner.