Mourinho: “Mkhitaryan’s Goal was beautiful”

“Goal Mkhitaryan? He was fine but just a pity that it was only the third goal, and this goal was not winning, otherwise I would have included in the history of United,” cried the Portuguese.

“It’s good for Henry, because he played great. Mkhitaryan was an injury that slowed his progress, but now he returned and played 35 minutes. His ability to get to the level that we expected from him”.

“Ibrahimovic? Save Pickford after hitting Zlatan almost broke my heart. It is important as it plays and leading the team. I’m happy for Ibrahimovic, because he scored amazing number of goals for the debutant of the Premier League.”

“In the first half? We played not intense, concentrated and poorly operated their moments. I think we’re a bit lucky to open an account”.

“After the break, the team played stronger, although the second goal happened later. We did enough to finish all before. Sunderland were constantly trying to find a way to even the score”.

“United scored 12 points in 4 rounds and that’s exactly what we need. We must now maintain stability,” concluded Mourinho.