“A greater threat to the United States is a China and Russia hold a candle to him not working,” Obama has lowered Russia

Adviser to the leader of the United States of America Barack Obama, whose name is Ben Rhodes, made a statement that the army of Russia and her government is only “momentary” suppinating, because the main danger to America is people’s Republic of China.

Is close to Obama, Rhodes said during a conversation with a journalist’s Eastern television channel Al Jazeera.

“I am confident that Russia is the immediate threat to international order and world stability. Here China, I think there is a more powerful state, which the authorities are positioning themselves as the main competitor to the USA than the Russia,” said Rhodes.

Thus, Rhodes lowered the Kremlin, which is struggling to confront America, seeing its main enemy, “Russian world”.

It should be noted that Rhodes was appointed Deputy assistant to the national security of the United States. He began a collaboration with Barack Obama back in 2007 as chief speechwriter.

Besides, during the reign of Obama, according to TV channel, Rhodes had tremendous influence on the conduct vneshnepoliticheskikh relations of States.

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