55 million euros, the EU sent Ukraine: the Ministry of Finance announced the glad tidings that the return this amount is not necessary, you just need to do the reforms

In the press center of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine informed that Ukraine received a tranche of monetary aid from the European Union, which praised the reforms in the country and sent to the state budget 55,125 million euros.

Under the terms of the agreement with the EU, Ukraine will not return the money, and needs to carry out the reconstruction and reformation of the state, to get closer to EU standards.

Now Ukraine needs to “work off” the money and to continue reforms in the areas of fight against corruption, Finance, public administration, administrative services, constitutional reform.

In a communiqué of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine said that “this is the second and final tranche provided under international agreement of Kiev with Brussels. The first tranche of 250 million Euro Kiev won in July 2014.”

It will spend on the sponsorship of the state budget expenditures of the state.

In Kiev noted that this operation is an important step that will deepen cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union.

Recall that the lawyer of Asciitree to sue a judge from Moscow, which recognized the Euromaidan coup.