Russian media stepped up the fake information attack against Belarus

On the Russian Internet information resources with November this year increased the number of materials discrediting the Belarusian culture, questioning the sovereignty of Belarus, and language of the Belarusians.

After analyzing Russian media, the experts from EAST Center noted that they conducted an active information war against Belarus, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Analysts say that federallyassisted TV channels claim that “Belarus is on the Ukrainian way”, and there may soon be a change of government in a coup. Experts also noticed chauvinistic publications in other Russian information resources. In addition, the materials appear not periodically, but constantly.

Russian media earlier negative comments about Belarus and Belarusians, but then their articles were mostly offensive, and now in publications more often skips the thesis that Belarus intends to conquer the neighboring state.

The Belarusian authorities appealed to the Kremlin and in a rather rigid form has demanded to stop information attack on the country. For that in Moscow, said he would prosecute disseminators of information. However, analysts do not believe that Russia will cease to circulate in the network fake vs Belarus and its citizens.

“Диалог.UA” wrote that Belarus reacted harshly to the statement that Belarus is part of Russia. Pro-Russian militants from the so-called “DNR”are ready to destroy Belarus.