New Olympic sport in the near future: race on drones doing serious requests

Racing quadcopters have attracted the attention in the world of sports associations. After the last in December 2016 world summit racing drones became known that the planned inclusion of a new sport in the winter Olympic games in Korea in 2018.

not so long ago RC drones quadcopters are gradually transformed from
expensive toys into a full-fledged sport and is gaining popularity around the world.

The Olympic games in the near future will approve the application to include the races
radio-controlled drones in the winter Olympic games
will be held in Korean Pyeongchang in 2018.

today we have already made the decision to hold the event
demonstrations of drones.

It should be noted that
Amateurs and professionals of this sport are essentially racers for the
the wheel of a racing car. For competitions build special tracks,
technicians and pilots quadcopters choose equipment, develop strategy
race. The scale of these activities is quite serious. Prize funds reach
hundreds of thousands of dollars. The winner of the competition of Drone Prix
the last of the spring in Dubai received for first place 250 thousand dollars.