2017 BMW 5 Series hybrid, performance and price revealed

The new BMW 530e iPerformance has been revealed ahead of going on sale in mid-January.

BMW has released the full specification of the car following the discovery of a new 5 Seriees, including price, fuel consumption and emissions; the 530e starts at £43,985. BMW claims that the car can reach 141.2 mpg; almost 50% on the Toyota Prius sustained 94.1 km. The emissions are 46g/km, according to BMW.

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A total power output of 276bhp from the 181bhp four-cylinder petrol engine and supplementary 94bhp electric motor equates to a 0-62 mph sprint of just 6.2 sec, while top speed is 146mph. The peak torque for the car is 310lb ft.

The 530e has an electric-only range of up to 29 miles, which can be used at up to 87mph, while the total number of the range is ‘almost’ 400 miles in real-world conditions. As a plug-in hybrid, the charge lasts less than five hours from a normal outlet, and less than three hours from a BMW Wallbox. Thanks for the battery, the bootspace in the 530e beauty is reduced from the standard car 530 litres 410.

The six modes of operation are available on the 530e; Sport, Comfort, Eco Pro, Auto eDrive, Max eDrive and Battery control. The first three are already available on the standard 5 Series, but the second batch can be selected with a eDrive button.

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Auto eDrive is the car by default, it uses both engines in sync with one another. Max eDrive allows electric driving, until heavy acceleration causes the internal combustion engine of the cut. Battery control allows the driver to select the amount of capacity of the reserve battery, in case of need, the electric-only mileage at a later stage of the journey.

The car is marked by the blue exterior highlights in the grille and on the outer wheels, badges, and the charging socket, located between the A-pillar and the wheel arch on the near side. eDrive badge function, door sills.

Deliveries 530e iPerformance are set for March 2017.