Trump has put the billionaire on the post of Minister of the US army

WASHINGTON, 19 Dec – RIA Novosti. The US President-elect Donald trump has nominated billionaire Vincent viola for the post of Secretary of the army, the press service of the transitional administration of the United States.

In the release notes that viola will combine experience in a large team and army past: in his youth he served in the 101st airborne division.

The condition of the viola is estimated at $ 1.8 billion. He owns the club of the National hockey League “Florida Panthers”.

The Minister of the US army responsible for personnel and condition of the reserve, infrastructure, weapons acquisition, environmental protection and communication. The candidate for this position is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. It is not included in the Cabinet and was accountable only to the Minister of defence.

Previously, tramp was nominated for the post of head of the Pentagon, retired marine General James Mattis.