Official: Dynamo breaks up with Gusev

Yesterday he 33-year-old midfielder href=””that is now a free agent.

Through the official website of the Kiev separation from Gusev confirmed by the President of Dynamo Igor Surkis expressed his gratitude for 13.5 years, he defended the colors of white and blue.

Below is the text of thanks of the head of the Kiev club.

Dear Oleg!

Unfortunately, it’s time to complete your football career in Dynamo. Over the years you played for our team we got used to your high football skills, human reliability, sporty stiffness and composure that you showed in every match for Dynamo. For fans of “Dynamo” Oleg Gusev has always been a symbol of struggle against the first until the last minute, a symbol of victory!

We appreciate all you’ve done for the team of Kiev “Dynamo”. The club doors always remain open for you, your football experience is more useful to both current and future generations of Dynamo. And the end of your career, as well as career of your star teammates, will be marked by all of us together with the fans ‘ favourite where have you been all these years and will always remain.

Thank you for everything!

the President of FC Dynamo (Kiev)
Ihor Surkis

It should be noted that in the upl Gusev played in all competitions 438 matches and scored 96 goals. As part of Kiev’s former midfielder of the national team of Ukraine managed to become a 5-time champion of Ukraine, 5-time Cup winner and 3 times to win the super Cup of Ukraine.