The current and former presidents of Colombia fly to the Vatican

MEXICO city, 16 Dec – RIA Novosti. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and his predecessor at the head of the state, and now the opposition leader Alvaro Uribe on Friday will meet at the Vatican with Pope Francis to advance a peace agreement with FARC rebels, announced Thursday the interior Minister of the country Juan Fernando Cristo.

“The Vatican suggested that the meeting of President Santos, and he accepted the invitation, the government welcomes this meeting, God willing, that it will bring positive results to the country”, — quotes the portal Tiempo statement Cristo.

President Santos and FARC leader Rodrigo Londoño Echeverri, known, Timochenko November 24 signed final, the second peace agreement in the country, which should put an end to more than a half-century internal conflict, which killed 220 thousand people. It has already received the support of Parliament. While Uribe, who also confirmed his presence at the meeting with the Pontiff in the Vatican, is one of the main opponents of the agreement with the rebels in its original form, rejected on 2 October with the Colombians in a referendum.

The FARC was established in 1964 as the military wing of the local Communist party to struggle for a “New Colombia” — a society of social justice and equality. The organization was recognized by the United States and Europe as a terrorist and is suspected of having links with the mafia. In the ranks of the group consist of up to 20 thousand soldiers. The talks went on for almost four years and not once were on the verge of collapse. Colombian authorities said earlier that the conflict will be completed in 2016.