In Krivoy Rog the buyer beat seller trees: it all began with the lack of chips on the product

Today, 17 December, at one of the Christmas bazaars in Central City district of Krivoy Rog 30-year-old man first just resented the lack of chips on the trees, and then beat the seller.

The squad of patrol police arrived at
call. Approaching the place of incident patrol inspector saw lying on
earth the man who tried to rise, but could not. It appeared to be
the seller of Christmas trees from a nearby site. As explained by the victim
the police, he sent a patrol after one of the buyers first
scandal from-for absence of chips on the trees, and then, during the outbreak
a quarrel, beat him. The seller is “Christmas belles” was the invalid of the second group.

called an ambulance that took the victim in the second
city hospital of Krivoy Rog. The preliminary diagnosis – a bruise of soft tissues.

Almost immediately
in the area of Liberation square patrol detained and
aggressive bully, who was brought to the police station.

According to law enforcement both
involved in the incident were in an alcohol intoxication.

In relation, the instigator of the fight, which
the seller has caused injuries opened criminal proceedings under article hooliganism.

to note that in anticipation of the holidays Christmas tree
grown for sale “chipuyut”. It is a kind of passport of the tree. Buying
this tree you can be sure that the tree did not grow in the contaminated areas and
safe for your family. Chipping trees also helps to fight
poaching, which on the eve of the new year becomes catastrophic

Exoascales was informed, on the eve of the Dnieper was beaten and robbed by the seller of the trees.