Churkin and Russia finally lost conscience: Russia wants to block a UN security Council resolution to send observers in Aleppo

The Russian Federation is going to block a resolution in the UN security Council to send observers in Aleppo, where in the East of the city was a real humanitarian catastrophe. Moscow, apparently, afraid commit war crimes, Russia, Assad and Iran so strongly opposed.

About it reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

Russia intends to block
the departure of the observers of the security Council of the United Nations
the Eastern districts of Aleppo, where now the opposition is trying to evacuate
the civilian population, which is suffering from the terrible actions of allies
the government forces of Assad.

Russia’s envoy to the UN
Vitaly Churkin announced that Russia
to prevent the adoption of this resolution, as this is where point of view,
dangerous and unlikely to lead to settlement of the conflict.

We will remind, earlier
it became known that the Eastern districts of Aleppo terrorize the Iranian mercenaries
acting on the side of the government forces of Bashar al-Assad. Their numbers
around 7 thousand people regularly commit murder of a peace