In Ukraine “severed” “heads” and “tails” trains: from now on, invented new symbols

Now in the capital at the railway station “Kiev-Passenger” completely changed the announcement system of information on the location of the carriages of those trains that arrive in for a landing. Told about it on Facebook account to the Deputy chief of Department of passenger transport long-distance routes “Ukrainian zaliznytsi” Alexander Krasnoshtan.

Now instead of traditional ads, “the Numbering of cars starts with the head / tail of train” on platforms placed the signs to “East / West” in Ukrainian and English languages.

“Many passengers it was difficult to determine where the “head”, where the “tail” of the train. Especially those who do not travel frequently. Recently changed the format of the ads, and now the numbering starts from “the East” or “West”. At the entrance to the platform you made the appropriate notation.”, explained Krasnoshtan the reason for this change.

Krasnoshtan also made a promise that this is only the first step in system reform, “uz” about the improvement of the orientation of passengers at the station.

Earlier, we were told that in the “Ukrainian Railways”canceled online booking of tickets.

For almost half a year in “Ukrzaliznytsya”had stolen $1 million worth of fuel.