At the place of execution of thousands of Jews and Krymchaks in the Crimea made bookmark memorial

*** Installation is achieved since the Soviet Union

Moscow. 16 Dec. INTERFAX – the Annual mourning event was held near Simferopol on the site of mass executions of Jews and Jews of Crimea – victims of Nazism.

It is located at 10-kilometer highway Theodosia, where 75 years ago in the anti-tank ditch by the Nazis were shot more than 15 thousand Jews and Krymchaks, and Gypsies, said on Thursday the Federation of Jewish communities.

The event was attended by the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, Chairman of the military division of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia, Rabbi Aaron Gurevich and President of the all-Crimean Jewish Congress, Jan Epstein.

To the place of execution was covered with flowers, and, according to Jewish tradition, the stones. In addition, was the first stone of the memorial “the Ditch.”

As noted by chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, in his address read out at the event for years, the activists sought to create on the site of the memorial, however, did not receive support from the authorities in the USSR and then Ukraine. This year was a positive decision about the installation of the monument at the burial site.

According to J. Epstein memorial will be a pyramid with carved writing on it that says “To all generations for all times. To know and remember”.