The resonant state of emergency in Kiev hospital: details have emerged of the suicide of a patient jumping from the 9th floor

The deceased was 32 years. Deadly diseases suicide is not sick, the man was on treatment in the Department of polytrauma. He committed suicide in the clinical emergency hospital of Kiev.

State of emergency, according to “Obozrevatel”,
happened on the street in Bratislava, 3 in
The Desnyansky district yesterday afternoon, 14

The victim could not be saved, although
on comedic instantly appeared on a place of falling of the patient. Injuries
received in the fall were fatal. Having lived a few minutes, the man

While the preliminary cause
the incident is a suicide. The circumstances due to which the 32-year-old resident of Kiev
went to voluntary departure from life, will be found out by the investigators.

We will add that in Kiev
the young man had a fight with her ex-lover,stabbed her with a knife, then jumped from the Windows of flats.

In addition, it was reported
how to recruit during a medical examination for unknown reasons, jumped from the bathroom window of the 3rd floor, receiving fall severe injuries.