“Silence in Aleppo”: Churkin said the capture of the city by Syrian forces

Aleppo is taken by the army of Assad. In the city, reduced to rubble by government troops completely ceased hostilities.

This was announced today at a meeting of the UN Security Council said the Russian representative Vitaly Churkin, according to “Russian conversation”.

The diplomat said that Aleppo is completely stopped military actions and now the city is practical humanitarian mission.

“The latest information we have received in the last hour, is that military action in Eastern Aleppo stopped”, – said Churkin.

He also added that the remaining members of the opposition and members of their families leave the city through the established corridors. Their big part is directed towards the city of Idlib.

Prior to that, Churkin shocked the representatives of the security Council Ansamlingen that children in Aleppo, especially sprinkled with dust, to represent them as victims of attacks.