“Russia is a killer! Assad is a killer! Leave Aleppo alone!” In Turkey a huge number of activists picketed the Russian Embassy

Turks seriously pissed inhuman actions of the troops of the Syrian dictator in Aleppo, and the bombing of Russian VKS, leading to mass casualties among the civilian population.

In the evening in the capital
Turkey at the Embassy of the Russian Federation held a mass rally in
support the residents of Aleppo, Syria, and against the actions of Moscow and Damascus,
reports “Dialog UA”.

The participants of the protest
events organized at the initiative of a group of Internet users from
the Turkish capital, has strongly opposed the attacks of the troops of Putin, Assad and their
allies on the civilian population, the siege of Aleppo.

chanted slogans condemned the policy of Russia, Iran and China
supporting the totalitarian regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: “Katil
Rusya”, “Katil Esed”, “Katil Iran, “Katil PKK”.