The armistice in Syria, announced by the opposition, a big question

Representatives of opposition declared that managed to reach an agreement on the truce, however, in military circles this information is not confirmed.

The representative of one of the most influential rebel groups Yasser al Yousef said that turned out to negotiate a truce with Pro-government forces, during which will be evacuated from Aleppo fighters and the civilian population. About it reports Reuters, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Supposedly the truce, according to the representative of the opposition groups, should begin today, December 13, evening. One of the sources told the newspaper that the rebels had agreed with Moscow on the termination of air strikes since this morning. Aerial bombardment in the morning, indeed, a rebel, had stopped, but clashes continued in the city. Now the rebels are waiting for the cessation of hostilities in the evening.

The Syrian military source said that army has no information about the transaction concluded between the warring parties.

Later, the representative in the UN Vitaly Churkin confirmed that it was possible to reach agreement on a truce. According to him, the insurgents leave Aleppo in the next few hours.

Earlier, representatives of the UN savelio civilian casualties at the hands of Pro-government forces.