“Sorry, bitch, you on the Maidan is not finished”: the official separatist was severely beaten in Kiev, activist with a disability Eugene, Shuicheng

The hero of the revolution of Dignity was severely beaten on the job. Did his colleague and the chief part of “Kyivtransparkservis” Svyatoslav Miller, known in team a separatist.

The story about Eugene, Shuicheng
in Facebook told his friend and activist Stanislav Kolomiets.

During a confrontation on
The independence of Shuicheng received a bullet wound in the head and lost one eye. Have
victim four kids and as a volunteer helping ATO soldiers.

The incident occurred because of
that Shuicheng wrote
the request to his boss on the allocation of material assistance to the operation. For some reason, this
the request enraged Sviatoslav Melnyk and he attacked Eugene with

“Jack was severely beaten,
Miller had intentionally inflicted blows to the head, in the temple. He shouted that
Shuicheng not see neither money, nor even sick. And at the end added that
sorry that Eugene is not finished off on the Maidan”, – wrote in his post Kolomiets.

In this case, everyone in the team
known position of the chief on Ukraine, which the separatists always
called a non-state, and he constantly proclaimed,
what East Ukraine will soon be Russian.

“In addition he is also a major, assigned
on the grain position on the coattails of gross violations of procedure”, – said Kolomiets.

Beaten activist is now in serious condition in
hospital: Eugene, Shuicheng a severe concussion, the victim permanently loses consciousness. And his one eye is almost not
see the result of the beating.

Add in Vinnytsia region from the excesses of the drunken priest he died tragically the fighter of anti-terrorist operation right at your home. Drunk
the priest, while driving, hit a man, then a few times it