Police lawlessness in Kiev: the patrol nearly beat to death his colleague kicks straight into the main police Department

After a fight one of policewoman went to the hospital for a long time. The fight occurred in front of many witnesses-a female patrol staged a showdown in the hallway of the office. Prior to this, between them there was a verbal altercation. Due to the fact that the patrol had to break up their colleagues, the girls did not cause each other more severe injuries.

Tellingly, fighting
it happened just in the time of participating in the conflict, service certificates. 28-year-old Lieutenant Alina smoked
complained that her colleague is outraged that it is not passed without a queue.The girl grabbed his
a co-worker by the throat and began to beat my head against the wall.

“I pushed her off, and the boys were dragged her away from me, so
as she continued,” – says the victim.

Bruiser beat her
colleague’s feet even when she fell on the floor.Initiated internal
check which will establish all the circumstances of the fight.

Yulia Panasenko, another participant of the incident, complains about the boss, which in her words,
does nothing to investigate the incident.After the fight Panasenko
tried to translate in the river, but it turned out that there is a girl not listed.

Recall the recent tragedy in Knyazhychi, which was shot by five police officers.

Relatives of the dead
talking about chtih relatives were intentionally killed, because the bodies of the dead
there is a typical injuries.