Before Gontareva, the goal is to kill “PrivatBank”: the financier Okhrimenko revealed resonant details

The last few months to “PrivatBank” chained considerable attention of financial analysts. With last summer’s media spread rumors that the largest Bank of Ukraine may change the owner. In this known Ukrainian banker Oleksandr Okhrimenko said that at the moment, the main goal of the national Bank is the murder of “Private”.

According to Okhrimenko this task is removed personally Gontareva.

Around the Bank deliberately fanning the panic and trying to undermine the institution.
The government plans to nationalize finuchrezhdeniya in the near future

Today “PrivatBank” is
the biggest player on the Ukrainian market and to generate significant cash
stream. The goal is to have it put the leadership of Ukraine, the NBU used as

The financial regulator is constantly picking on the jar and
around it creates an unstable environment. Okhrimenko predict ambulance
change management and the deterioration of customer service. According to the expert,
the probability of such developments is very high.

Earlier, Gontareva told about what fate is about to befall the Bank, and sotrudnichayu Igor Kolomoisky wrote podvodnyh the rocks process.