Russia has created support for the doping system at the state level, let’s eliminate it from the IOC and all international competitions – USADA

Chairman anti-Doping Agency Travis Tygart made a statement that the international Olympic Committee should punish the Russian Federation for the creation of a doping system at the state level.

About it reports “RIA

London was represented by the second part of the report of Richard McLaren, in which
refers to the involvement of more than one thousand athletes to dope the system in
United States are seriously thinking about the prospects for Russia in the big sports.

Tygart claims
what materials McLaren give a clear idea of what Russian sport
rests on the doping and Moscow, now, will have to understand that these
documents are authentic.

The head of USADA
believes that the international Olympic Committee had earlier to punish
Russia, before the Olympics in Rio, it would show the dismissive attitude of the IOC
to dope the system.

stressed Tygart, IOC shall suspend the Olympic Committee of Russia and
to prevent all trade of this country to international competition until
while doping the system will exist at the state level.