Posted the footage as ISIS terrorists from heavy artillery all the morning, “gave Drozdov” in the database of videoconferencing in Palmyra

Sunday, 11 December, the militants of the terrorist organization ISIL has broken the military airbase “T4”, which is located in the West of Palmyra. After videoconferencing staged a bombing of their positions, representatives of illegal armed groups told them an incredible blow.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

ISIL terrorists
fired on the basis of the tanks, which left the Syrian government
troops and forces for the defense of Palmyra. They also successfully used
heavy artillery, which has remained since the defection of the Syrian
military from the occupied positions.

In the first
half of the day, under the pressure of terrorists “Islamic state” base
was destroyed, after which the militants have occupied the North-East of Palmyra and Central
part of the city.