China “seriously concerned” statements trump of Taiwan

Previously elected President of the United States doubted that Washington should follow the policy of “one China”

China on Monday expressed “serious concern” about the statements of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump, doubting that the United States should continue to follow the policy of “one China” if Beijing does not make concessions in matters of trade.

Foreign Ministry spokesman of China said that this policy, recognizing that Taiwan is part of China, is the basis of U.S.-China relations and urged the administration to trump “to understand the seriousness” of the issue.

Controlled by the Chinese government publication Global Times said that trump behaves “naively” believing that he can use the policy of “one China” as leverage in economic negotiations, and that he “needs to learn restraint in dealing with foreign policy issues.”

The article also States that if trump supports the independence of Taiwan or arms sales to Taiwan, China has “no reason to partner with Washington in international Affairs,” and Beijing has to offer military and other support to opponents of the United States.

In an interview with Fox News channel, trump stressed the legality of his recent telephone conversation with President of Taiwan, Cai Inven – the first contact the leader of Taiwan with the President or the President-elect of the United States after 1979, when the United States recognized that Taiwan is part of one China.

However, he noted that he does not want China to dictate him what to do.

“I don’t know why we should be bound by the policy of “one China,” if we don’t reach an agreement, under which China will take commitments in other areas, including trade,” said trump.

The President-elect condemned China for its currency policy, military buildup in the South China sea and the inability to pressure North Korea to abandon nuclear testing.

“China does serious harm to the devaluation, the fact that our products impose high taxes at the borders, while we are not subject to taxes on their goods; the fact that they build massive fortifications in the South China sea, what they should not do; finally, the fact that they do not help us with North Korea – said trump. – There Is North Korea. Have nuclear weapons, and China can solve this problem, but it does not help us”.

In an interview, trump is wrong to have fees that will be applicable to exports from the United States and China. Duties of China on American goods range from 5 to 9.7 percent, while the US tariff on Chinese goods is 2.5-2.9 per cent.

According to trump, it would be disrespectful not to accept the call of the leader of Taiwan who wanted to congratulate him on his election victory. He reported that he was notified about the call for a few hours, not a few weeks, or even earlier, as stated by some media.

“It was a very pleasant, short conversation, – said trump. And why some other country can say that I can’t answer the call?”

After a telephone conversation trump with the leader of Taiwan, a senior White house official has assured the Chinese leadership that the United States will continue to follow the policy of “one China.”

During the interview, trump also said that he does not need to receive daily intelligence briefings, because they are repeated day in and day.

“You know, I am a smart man, he said. I don’t need to be told the same thing in the same words every day for the next eight years. Perhaps eight years. But I don’t need it. However, I say that if anything changes, let us know.”

He said that when he becomes President on January 20, his older children and the management-owned company, the Trump Organization will manage its global business Empire, and he will have nothing to manage. However, he did not say that give up their assets, according to critics, it needs to act to avoid a potential conflict of interest when making decisions as the American leader.

On Thursday, trump plans to announce the details of how he distanciruemsa from the Trump Organization at the inauguration.

He noted that he keeps an open approach to environmental issues, in particular, to the question of whether the US would support the agreement reached in Paris on an international agreement to control greenhouse gases, according to scientists, will lead to dangerous climate change.