Will be paid only to those who have enough money: new details have become known the stipend in 2017

Students will be no scholarships for any breach of discipline, and will pay only to those who have enough money. About this on his page in Facebook said the expert on education in Ukraine Andrew Black.

According to him, the Ministry of education prepared and
published “Project
decreed Cabnet Menstru Ukraine
Pro mix application rate changes to stipendija zabezpechennya”.

The expert stressed that now the scholarship student
may be terminated in case of violation by the student of the requirements of the Charter of the educational
of the institution or the internal regulations.

He also said that on a hit among the students
scholarships will affect participation in academic, creative, social,
sports activities of educational institutions and academic performance. When
this component of success must be at least 90% of the rating of the ball.

After summing up each term control,
the teaching Council will determine the list of those who will receive a scholarship to
accordance with the state funding of the institution. Those
students that do not have enough money, will remain without a scholarship.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that students sobiraetsya.igral payments for tuition.