France awarded John Kerry the Legion of honor

U.S. Secretary of state described the order given to him as a symbol of the warm relations between the two countries

France has honored Secretary of state John Kerry the country’s highest award – the Legion of honor.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault presented the award to Kerry on Saturday in Paris after a meeting on Syria.

Eero called Kerry “the most French of American officials” and “tireless fighter for peace”.

The French Minister paid tribute to the “sincerity” of political and diplomatic activity, Kerry, Recalling his contribution to the achievement of the historic climate agreement in 2015, the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program and efforts to end the war in Syria.

Kerry is fluent in French, called handed him the award a symbol of the warm relations between France and the United States.

Visibly touched, Kerry noted that France is the “oldest ally” of America, after which he added to his speech a touch of humor, saying: “long live the French fries (Vive les French fries), long live France, long live the United States and all my friends.”

Mother and aunt Carrie were born in Paris in the early 1920s, and in his youth he came on holidays at the family residence in Saint Briac Sur Mer in Brittany.