Separatist Alexander Khodakovsky “hard hit” on “Minister of defense “DND”: “Do corrupt self-seekers Kononov 36 cars. Where? Pressed!”

A former officer of the SBU, one of the founders of “DNR” have openly admits that his former colleagues for “the young Republic”, did not hesitate, not even natsionaliziruyut and shamelessly appropriates other people’s property in areas under their control.

from the position of “head of security Council of DNR” Alexander Khodakovsky, speaking at
one of the video channels of the separatists, has criticized the “Ministry
of defence “DNR” and was accused of corruption Chapter – Vladimir Kononov,
reports “Dialog UA”.

the corrupt self-seekers of the Ministry of defence – they’re all on the money
sit. How many under the auspices of their cut assets – that’s crazy! I couldn’t
drive to the front, because there are all dug, and the pipes cut. Each
day cut plants. All this under the supervision of the Ministry of defence DND
– says Khodakovsky.

In his
said two years the territory would not let anyone, even “the enemy”
(The film refers to the Ukrainian law enforcers) could do nothing with
businesses, and here “our” all is safely cut out.

I think that’s all our guys, the soldiers coming? In no way! You know
how our Minister of defense Vladimir Kononov registered personal
cars? 36 or 38 cars – him personally, he filed for registration in
our bodies!” – outraged comments.

one of the founders of “DNI” has openly admitted that his former
colleagues on the formation of the “new Republic”, it is not
hesitating, not even natsionaliziruyut and shamelessly appropriates someone else’s
the property in the controlled territories.

all these machines have Kononova? Of course, wrung from all this mass of property,
which at the time pozabirali. Very terrible things happen! The militia itself
the environment is divided: some sided with the powerful, because there it is convenient, and
they are satisfied; others – who plow them and die” – says Khodakovsky.

recently Alexander Khodakovsky said that the ringleaders of the fake States
Plotnitsky and Zakharchenko hate
each other and in conflict with each other reached senility.

As previously
it was reported that Khodakovsky expressed confidence that both psevdorespubliki “LC”
and “DNR” will be part of Ukraine,
but “on their terms”.

We will add that
today disgraced the separatists also told about the terrible losses in
groups “DNR” on the front.