The sound of music: the 10 best songs by 2016, according to Time

The biggest hit of the year edition called the song of Beyonce (Beyonce) Formation of a large-scale project of the singer Lemonade. This audio-visual album leads the ranking best pop videos of the year.

The rating also hit song The Sound of the group The 1975, the track of don Richard’s (Dawn Richard) Not Above That, collaboration Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne (Lil Wayne) and 2 Chainz No Problem, a single, Fifth Harmony and Ty Dolla $ign Work from Home, song Lil Broccoli Yachty and D. R. A. M, and a group of Whitney with the song No Woman, Joyce Manor with the single Fake I. D. and Mac Miller (Mac Miller) and Anderson Park (Anderson Paak) with the track , Dang!.

Ten closed the controversial song Kanye West (Kanye West) Famous, where he again fell out with Taylor swift (Taylor Swift).