Big changes in ATO volunteers angry after the unexpected decision of the Ministry of defence

After December 11, all the “volunteer” machines that were purchased at the expense of charitable aid and was transferred to the army or used to travel to the front to seize. The decision taken by the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

To clarify the Department indicated that a large number of
vehicles which were transferred to the division from the beginning of ATO
should be put on record.

“In this regard, the cars that are still used
in the area of the antiterrorist operation without appropriate
documents may be detained by the employees of VSP. The vehicle will be
be transmitted to the commanders of military units immediately after the presentation of the documents
certifying the registration of the car”, – stated on the website of the Ministry of defense.

All these measures are taking to avoid the use of the specified
transport by unauthorized persons or for improper purposes.

“In addition, the registration of these cars will allow you
to repair and refuel them at the expense of the defense Ministry”, – reported in
the Department.

The volunteer Yury Kasyanov wrote in his Facebook: that will be after 11
Dec, nobody knows.

“Hundreds of cars that are used for reconnaissance, resupply, BK,
the removal of the wounded, will be outlawed. Replace them no. In the best case, our
valiant VSP them as sort of “describe” and will be zealous to follow
so they did not go beyond the zone ATO”, – he said.

According to Kasyanov, but his drone group three
these cars, converted in carriers of the UAV.

“We go to the front. They go to fight our
wards – military-bespilotniki. But now, it turns out that “raspberry
ended”, there is no war, unmanned exploration is not needed, and our cars,
who invested hundreds of thousands of hryvnia should rot in impound lots,” writes

The volunteer invites the authorities to take urgent understand the law,
legalizing all cars imported for the front.

“I ask the distinguished members to assist Anton
Gerashchenko, Yegor Sobolev, Igor Lutsenko, Andriy Teteruk (Andriy Teteruk),
Semenchenko Semyon Igorevich, Sergey Vysotsky (Sergey Vysotsky) and everything, everything, everything”,
concluded Kasyanov.

Tatyana Demchenko says that he will not give the car.

“My husband spent years collecting money for an apartment. When it started
he volunteered for the war, and bought his stash from volunteers Tajik himself
painted, arranged and traveled with a group flight on it on the front end. When asked
– carries “what it need”, and for my money repairing after trips.
No one penny did not give. What the fuck should I give such a piece of family
budget? Who our family will return the money in two years?” – said the woman.

Gennady Akulov offers radical methods: “to get one
time for a couple of hours to write a “little law” for them all.”

Kasyanovich previously commented on the published e-declarations.