Shooting in Finnish: in the border city of Finland unidentified men killed the mayor and two journalists

In the border town of Imatra, in Finland, the unknown man shot the mayor and two journalists. According to experts of the victims the killer chose randomly.

Imatra is a town located a few kilometers from the Russian border, UNIAN reports.

Today right near his house there was shot the head of administration of the city and also killed two journalists accompanying her. According to preliminary information, the woman left the restaurant and went home.

The murderer was a 23-year-old man, whose name has not been disclosed. According to police, he was previously convicted.

The weapon from which was shot the women, was registered to another person. It is worth noting that in Finland there are about 650 thousand people have weapons permit.

As have informed in law enforcement bodies, the man who shot the mayor and representatives of the media, didn’t personally know their victims. While the work of gradonacelnika residents of the city and her subordinates spoke very well. The offender has committed 4 to 5 shots.

All versions about motives of a crime the police deny it, explaining that now this information becomes clear. meanwhile, the deceased head of Imatra is survived by two minor children.

Earlier it was reported that in a shootout medupravlenie in knyazhichi, Kiev region Kiev region killed 5 policemen.