“Russia must be restrained,” the French foreign Ministry shocked by the fact that the Kremlin has put its ships on the West of the Crimea

French diplomats gave a response to the fact that Russia has allowed itself to carry out reshuffle of military ships off the West coast of Ukrainian Crimea. In the capital of France urged the Russian government to be more restrained.

Such information “Диалог.UA” reported, citing the spokesman of the French Ministry of foreign Affairs of France, Romain Nadal in a commentary for Reuters.

“France is concerned that Russia has placed the Russian warships near the coast of the Crimean Peninsula,” – said the diplomat.

Furthermore, Nadal expressed the hope that “all parties” will start a constructive dialogue.

Recall “Диалог.UA” reported that the candidate for President of France, Francois Fillon said chthon support the occupation of Crimea by Russia.