Ronaldo is suspected of tax evasion in the amount of 150 million euros

It should be noted that Football Leaks — a joint investigation of 12 European publications that analyzed 18.6 million documents obtained from the German weekly Der Spiegel.

The results of this investigation will be published within the next three weeks and will reveal the involvement of football figures to tax evasion, relations with the mafia and the exploitation of underage players.

Thus, the first portion of the outcome of this investigation States that the most influential football agent Jorge Mendes has organized a network of shell companies and offshore accounts in countries such as Ireland, British virgin Islands, Panama and Switzerland to help its customers to hide the real size of their income and evade taxes.

In particular, the journalists argued that the services of this network actively uses the most famous client of Mendes — 31-year-old real Madrid winger Cristiano Ronaldo.

By your scheme agent for the past 7 years, the Portugal captain has hidden tax of 150 million euros.

Football Leaks notes that, in addition to Ronaldo, the scheme of Mendes can use his other famous customers: the coach of Manchester United Jose Mourinho and players James Rodriguez, Radamel Falcao, Pepe, fábio coentrão and Ricardo Carvalho.

However, on the eve belonging to Jorge Mendes ‘ company Gestifute href=”” that neither Ronaldo, nor any other of her clients have never been involved in tax fraud.