“But father is glad, and afraid of the people” in Belarus for the third time in 2016 has applied the death penalty

In Belarus executed the death sentence resident of the Minsk area Sergey Chmielewski, who was convicted for the fact that he brutally murdered three people.

Reports about it “Диалог.UA citing” news “Belarusian news”.
The article States that of the execution of the men became aware on 29 November, according to his relatives, but the exact date of the death of the accused murder says nothing.

We only know that Khmelevsky was convicted of murder in November 2014. He killed three residents of the village machulishchy, in the Minsk district. After learning about his impending death, the defendant wrote a complaint to the UN Committee on human rights.

This summer, the Committee asked the Belarusian authorities to postpone indefinitely the execution of Chmielewski, until the consideration of his case. But they did not listen, and khmelevskoy was the third executed in the country for 2016.

Note that RB is the only country in Europe where more people used “legitimate murder.” Since 1991, according to media reports, the country Lukashenko executed more than 400 people.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” wrote that in Tunisia introduced the death penalty for terrorism.