Trump has called for the introduction of penalties for the burning of the US flag

The white house stressed that the right to such actions are protected by the Constitution

The US President-elect Donald trump called on Tuesday for tough sanctions against the demonstrators burning US flags, although the Supreme court ruled that these actions are a manifestation of freedom of speech.

“No one should be allowed to burn the American flag – but if someone does it, there must be consequences. Perhaps the loss of citizenship or year prison!” – trump wrote on Twitter.

It is unclear what prompted the elected President to make this statement. However, it was made several days later after the administration of the College in Massachusetts decided to abandon hanging American flags after students allegedly burned a flag in protest against the unexpected victory trump in the presidential election three weeks ago.

On Sunday, veterans of the armed forces of the United States and other demonstrators staged a protest against the decision of Hampshire College. The administration said they welcomed the peaceful demonstration about the flag, to which with great respect are millions of Americans.

White House spokesman Josh earnest emphasized that “the vast majority of Americans finds the burning of the flag offensive”.

However, he noted that “we as a country have a responsibility to carefully guard the rights written in the Constitution.”

Kevin McCarthy is one of the leaders of the Republicans in the Congress said the lack of plans for adoption against the burning of the flag of legislative measures.

In recent decades, American lawmakers have made several attempts to ban the desecration of the national flag.

However, in 1989 the Supreme court declared unconstitutional a law prohibiting the destruction of a flag in protest, seeing in it a violation of the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which protects freedom of speech. And in 1958, the court banned the use of deprivation of citizenship as a criminal punishment.

In 2005 Hillary Clinton, as Senator from the state of new York, joined in the attempts to restore the ban on burning the flag, however, this legislative initiative failed.