Ruthless and determined Donald trump: “I will drown the world in our American oil and thus will end with Russia and Iran”

The plans of the newly elected head of the White House – “energy revolution” with a very ambitious goal to save US from having to import energy resources and become an exporter of fuel. This will lead to increased supply and collapse the price that the hardest hit by Russia, whose economy rests on selling energy.

The Policy Of The United
States in the oil sector, is likely to undergo drastic changes next year
after the inauguration of the odious Republican Donald trump, writes Bloomberg.

the President has already outlined a number of areas in which it’s pretty substantially at odds with
the current Obama administration.

I wonder
during the election campaign Donald trump criticized Saudi
Arabia and Iran. And in March 2016, said in an interview with the New York Times,
that may cease to buy oil from the Saudis and other Arab countries
if they will not throw its ground troops to fight ISIS or do not pay US
compensation for the means spent for these purposes.

it is known that Donald Trump doesn’t like the nuclear agreement with Iran
with the signing of which this Arab country has been able to resume exports
oil. In March, trump said that a primary task for him is a failure
from the “ill-fated deal with Iran”.

After two
months at an oil conference in the us city of Bismarck trump promised
independence from the Organization of countries-exporters of oil. However, odious
a Republican has not specified how are going to achieve this independence.

his tactic is clear: to increase production of its own oil to displace with the world
market competitors (Iran and Russia is no exception), which of course will lead to
increased offer and a collapse in prices for black gold.

“We can end by the aggressors, not firing a single shot!” – said trump.

As you know, in the 80-ies of the last century, it is an artificial collapse of oil prices, the Americans organized a together with Saudi Arabia, led to the collapse of the Soviet economy, resulting in a “cold war” was completely lost by the incumbent Communists. After that, the new leadership of the “evil Empire” (as azywascrazy us President Reagan) was forced not only to abandon the anti-American rhetoric, but to ask for loans from Western countries, to somehow soften the dive of the domestic planned economy.

said that he would authorize TransCanada Corp. for the construction of the pipeline
Keystone XL under the condition that the American people will get the “big score from
profit” in this project.

a Republican said that it will remove absolutely all the restrictions on exports
American energy and promised to support the miners,
working by hydraulic fracturing.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Claim that victory trump oil and gas industry
The United States will get new development subject to the mitigation regulations exploration and
production. In the review from November 9 they also note that with the arrival of trump to power
the coming abolition of restrictions on drilling for individual territories.

At the same
time, the media write that the greatest impact on the oil markets will have not so much
oil politics trump how many other decisions affecting the development
of economy, trade and international relations.

After the victory
the election Donald trump promised over four years to double the growth rate of the economy,
that is, to bring GDP growth to a level that was last exceeded 11 years
ago in 2005.

the mass media emphasize on the fact that before the election, trump said China
“the great master” currency manipulation, stealing jobs from
Americans. Highlighting this, a Republican has threatened to apply to
China punitive tariffs.

Recall, an Afghan terrorist leader
ISIS called trump a complete maniac, against Muslims which
forced the youth to join radical Islamists.

As previously
it was reported that the adviser to trump
said that the headquarters of the Republican had contacts with Russia during
election campaign.