Trump in a shocking style commented on the death of Fidel Castro: there will be an international scandal

Amid grief and condolences on the part of leading politicians in the world Donald trump has once again reaped extraordinary action and caustically commented on the death of the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro. Political analysts say that this could trigger a real international scandal.

About this he wrote on his Twitter page,reports “Russian conversation”.

“Fidel Castro is dead!” – the politician wrote.

While leading Spanish newspaper El Pais notes,
after the resonance of death, a period of deep uncertainty in the relationship
between the U.S. and Cuba.

In the last year of the presidency of Barack Obama relationship
between Cuba and the United States began to improve, however, the new President of the trump extremely
critical to the authorities of this country and the current head
the islanders Raul Castro.

Trump for the last year, insisted on keeping the
economic sanctions against Cuba until the country does not change course
in the direction of democracy.

When this reaction of the Cuban authorities for a brutal review of trump yet.

Media believe that the new administration of the White house
will change its policy towards Cuba. The journalists remind that the first
the U.S. President, who visited Cuba in the last 70 years has become
that is Barack Obama.

Recall that Castro died tonight, pritomna Cuba declared a nine-day mourning.