In Kiev, members of foreign organized criminal groups caught by his own stupidity: the raiders issued a Kalashnikov rifle and a traffic violation

To criminals threatens till 7 years of imprisonment, the youngest of the detainees 21. Seized weapons sent for examination, the question on election of a preventive measure.

Foreigners suspect in a recent armed robbery
the inhabitant of Kiev, in the attack he took away important documents and Bank cards.

Criminals handed themselves, they broke the rules
the road, which aroused police suspicions and gave rise to stop
their cars.

In the car the detainees were found a Kalashnikov rifle,
reported in Department of communications of the Metropolitan police.

“In the cabin of the stopped car were three foreign
citizens, in addition to AK upon inspection of the machine
was discovered 40 cartridges to firearms, 12 bullets to the traumatic,” reads the police report.

Detainees – 1969, 1984 and 1995 year of birth. They
reasonably suspected armed RAID on Kiev in the past
Thursday November 10.

Criminals it is declared suspicion in Commission
offense, which is provided part 2 of article 186 of the criminal code.

Upon detection of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and
ammunition in the car, began criminal proceedings as regards 1 article 263.

Napomnim an armored-car robbery in Kiev in early November.

The bandits knew the exact time of arrival of collectors in the Bank for the transfer
cash. The criminals attacked them in the moment when they came out of finuchrezhdeniya. After a few shots in the air, they have the collectors took away 100 thousand
hryvnias and disappeared on a foreign car in
the unknown direction.