How sports girls plus-size

First, the main goal should be losing weight to normal — you can focus on BMI (body mass index). The BMI value allows to determine whether a person is suffering obesity or he’s just a little excess weight.

In the first case it is necessary to start to eat according to the recommendations of a nutritionist and work in the mode’s low impact activity (swimming, light cardio). People with a little excess weight is to focus more on the cardio to be more intense, but watch your blood pressure and General condition.

How to get into the rhythm

The standard advice for all beginners: workout of moderate intensity two to three times a week. Longer hours for beginners to do makes no sense. If the goal girls figure correction and reduction in fat mass, I would suggest light cardio three times a week for 40-50 minutes, heart rate should be in the area of low intensity — 50-60% of maximum heart rate. Maximum pulse in the base case can be calculated by the formula “220 – your age”. If the forces are still left, then cardio, you can add stretching and yoga. But do not go overboard with training — the body needs time to recover.

The main goal should be to reduce weight to normal. The body mass index will help determine whether you suffer from obesity or have a small excess weight.

Of course, the most effective are sessions with a personal trainer: he can choose the exercises, including power, which are suitable for you. Such training should be done two to three times a week at most.

What are the limitations for girls who are overweight

Girls who are overweight contraindicated high-intensity workouts, because they seriously load the cardiovascular system. To get involved in fitness through workout’s low impact: walking, Biking, swimming. In the gym you should train in a moderate mode, and when the weight returns to normal, you can move on to more intensive targeted training.

As for specific exercises, it all depends on how body weight excess. If the person is already in the stage of obesity, it is not necessary to squat. Replace squats with leg press with light weight on the treadmill. In General, the selection of exercises is very individual.

Since lipolysis (metabolism of fat) occurs not locally but uniformly throughout the body, it is necessary to perform basic exercises designed for overall weight loss. These can be squats, lunges, pushups, presses and deadlifts at the gym.

If you want to lose weight, will have to impose restrictions. But they should not be hard, making your existence hell. Under these conditions, you psychologically will be very hard, and you lose in a month. Therefore, it is recommended to work individually and in stages, adjusting the way of life, and without introducing hard constraints. For example, those with a sweet tooth in the first stage, you can use it, but only in the morning, then replace sweet bun for dark chocolate, dried fruit, and then completely get rid of this habit.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of any weight loss. This is something you can control yourself outside of the gym. On this subject you can find a lot of information, but one of the main recommendations, I think the food in small portions at least four times a day and be sure to useful products. Move more: walk in the Park, try to play basketball, volleyball, tennis, go to dances discos are also suitable.

If you want to lose weight, will have to impose restrictions. But they should not be rigid, turning your existence into hell.

From the very beginning you need to focus on yourself, on your goal. Another motivating factor can be a beautiful sportswear, which will want to go to the gym. Remember: all those people who came into the hall with you, too, are dissatisfied with their shape (otherwise they wouldn’t be here), but because they are likewise shy and focus on myself.

The perfect press of your coach is, you can tell his portfolio, it’s no surprise that he looks that way. To aspire to such forms, but don’t dwell on them. Certainly in the work that is not associated with sports, do you feel as confident as a coach in training.

They can be wraps or massages — both manual and hardware. Many clients I advise you to visit baths, saunas and Spa: all these procedures perfectly relaxes the body, helps to recover, improve lymphatic drainage and metabolism. But you need to understand that these procedures and without additional diet and exercise will not lead to the desired result.

Do not be ashamed of yourself. Remember: all those people that came into the gym with you, too, are dissatisfied with their figure and embarrassed. So concentrate on yourself and your goals.

The first result should be evaluated not earlier than six month of systematic work, and the first successes are visible in three. To assess your efforts best suited technique to study body composition. Different clubs use different devices, but as a result you get information about how much your body fat, how much muscle mass and how much water.

Many scary number on the scales is often not a measure, because two pounds of muscle look very different than two kilograms of fat. If the method of measuring body composition are available, you can use simple measurements with a centimeter or callipers (a special device for measuring the fat folds).