Raines Pribus: curriculum vitae

Who is Stephen Bannon, who Donald trump was asked to head the White house administration?

Full name: Reinhold Richard (“Raines”) Pribus

Age: 44

Place of birth: Dover, new Jersey

Education: scientist (University of Wisconsin); associate (University of Miami)

Marital status: married (wife – Sally Primus), children son Jack, daughter grace

Religious affiliation: Greek Orthodox Church professes

Party affiliation: Republican

Foreign languages: excellent command of the Greek language


May 2007 — 2011: Chairman of the Republican party of Wisconsin

January 20, 2011: the 65th President of the National Committee of the Republican party

January 2017: the 28th head of the administration of U.S. President

Twitter: Priebus (@Reince) is quite popular in social networking – he has about 600 thousand followers

Curriculum vitae

Born in Dover, new Jersey, in the family of Richard and Dimitra Pribus Pitsiladis. His father was an electrician and her mother was a agent for real estate. Raines grew up in Wisconsin.

At age 16 Pribus, while a high school student, participated in several political campaigns. In 1994, he graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater – Raines studied political science. Was elected President of the student Council and was President of the National student Committee of the Republican party. In 1998 graduated from the law faculty of the University of Miami in coral Gables and began work at the law firm Michael Best & Friedrich, where he soon became partner.

In 2007 year was able to take the post of Chairman of the Republican party in Wisconsin and in 2010 the party won the elections, defeating the Democrats. In January 2011, Priebus was elected Chairman of NCRP.

13 Nov 2016 years Donald trump has appointed the Raines of Primus for the position of head of the presidential administration of the USA. Pribus will take office in January 2017.

Selected quotes

About the vulgar saying of Donald trump in the women on this recording from 2005

“No one woman no one should speak in such terms. Never.” (July 2016)

In conversation with trump about the immigrants

“…might wanna tone down your inflammatory rhetoric, which angered a key group of voters.” (July 2015)

About the principles of success

“Freedom of enterprise, freedom of choice, limited government. They made America great – and only in their power to preserve the strength of America.”

On women’s right to abortion

“In fact, most women are Pro – life (against abortion)”.

About LGBT and same-sex marriage

“We are still the party that believes that marriage should be between one man and one woman – but this does not mean that we will throw people (party)”