In USA on sale Christmas toy with the slogan trump

Visit product reviews turned into an active political debate

The inauguration of Donald trump will be held only in January, but those who rejoice in his victory in the elections and want to get something reminiscent of her during all the holidays, you can purchase a Christmas ornament with the famous slogan of the Republican “let’s Make America great again”.

Toy in the form of red riding hood, similar to the one in which trump has appeared on the campaign trail, made of brass with gold and retails for $ 149. Proceeds from sales will go to the Committee of trump fundraising and national Committee of the Republican party.

As the figure of the tramp, Christmas toy caused a very conflicting reaction. Page user reviews on the website “Amazon” has become a forum for people to Express their opinions about elected President, his political views and personal qualities.

“As soon as I try to hang it on a branch, she yells “Wrong!” I do no hang, everything is wrong,” wrote one buyer.

“I Wake up in the morning and around my Christmas tree – wall,” wrote another.

“Millions of Americans have ordered the toy with the slogan “Together we are stronger”. Imagine our disappointment when instead what we get is,” wrote a third.

“To the game “let’s Make America great again” in the corner shows a bunch of liberals sucking thumb and clutching at the blanket. I proudly hung on the tree, to which we say, “God bless America” and “merry Christmas!””, – said the fourth.

“It’s a great decoration! I’m so glad that we will celebrate the new year with a trump and a Penny at the helm! God bless America,” wrote someone from the reviewers.

“Unfortunately, this toy was the same disappointment as the toy “BRAKCET”,” wrote another.

In the product description says that it “without a doubt, will decorate any Christmas tree” and that “the President-elect Donald trump loves Christmas and proudly wishes everyone a merry Christmas at every opportunity”.

Country of origin of the toy on the website is not indicated, but many suspect that it was made in China, like most Christmas toys, which are sold in the United States.

“Of course, like most things with the name trump, this toy was made in China,” wrote someone from buyers.

The toy went on sale on Amazon on Thursday morning.