Cooperation Putin and trump received a disturbing confirmation: the media told an important detail

Disturbing news about a possible collaboration between Donald trump and Vladimir Putin published an influential edition of the United States. Media reported that the son of trump discussed possible ways to start cooperation with Russia to resolve the conflict in Syria.

Reporters noted that the eldest son of the new President
USA, trump, Jr., met with politicians and diplomats at a local hotel. In the negotiations played an important role Randa kassis, which is
the grouping of the Syrian opposition, which stands for active
the cooperation with Russia.

Cassis said
“without Russia it is impossible to find a solution to the Syrian problem”.
She noted that the election of a new President trump gives hope
cooperation with Moscow and the decision of political problems in the near future.

Thus the adviser of the future US President confirmed the meeting but denied direct contact with son trump with
Pro-Russian representative of Syria.

Earlier, the head of the European Commission said Brussels to gatewaytimeout Europe, and U.S. Secretary of state can become the man who promised to shake Russia.