Brutal robberies in the region: there are victims

Yesterday, November 18, in the village of Vasilyevka in the Poltava region, there were two assaults. According criminals attacked people in their homes, where they were tied up and beaten while requiring money.

According to the speaker of the regional police Yuri Sobolev, in the first attack, people were tied up and beaten, after which the attackers escaped with the money. In the second case, the situation ended more tragically. The attack on the second house was killed by her husband. He was found with a gunshot wound, reports “Kolo”.

These attacks happened in the evening. According to existing information from 19:00 to 23:00. Police said that the offenders were three. The intruders used black masks to avoid being recognized. If you consider the fact that the crimes made in a village and not a large enough period of time, it can be concluded that working group.At the moment on the scene of the crime police and the Prosecutor’s office. Investigators also appeal to drivers who could in a specified time to record on the video recorder or just could see the cars that moved or were on the roadside near the village on 369 km of the highway Kyiv – Kharkiv.According to available information are asked to contact by phone: (099) 035-30-15 or (050) 346-45-54We will remind, earlier it was reported about zirconiade Tsigan in the region.