A military coup in Moldova: the Minister of defence the Minister openly went against the President of Dodona, known important details of the decree

The Minister had earlier serious disagreements with the newly elected Pro-Russian President of Moldova Igor Dodon. In particular, at one time he even wanted to resign because he opposed unification with Prednistrovie.

it is known that Anatol Salaru categorically did not want to hang in your
Cabinet portrait of Dodona, referring to the message of the Minister of defence of Moldova in
the social network writes,”Russian conversation”.

On 22 November, the Minister ordered to shoot portraits of officials in Moldova
offices, and gave the corresponding order to the units of the national

“To remove the portraits of the President, Minister and other
high-ranking officials. Replace them with portraits of national heroes
Moldova, or the portraits of outstanding figures of the Moldavian culture, our
the Romanian ancestors, the rulers”, – said sharply in his message, Minister
of defence of Moldova.

In addition, the Minister noted that he had been
pressure and even might have lost his high office only because made
against the merger with PMR.

Note that most of the population of Moldova has not
I agree with the election results, according to which paradiseparadise henchman Igor Dodon.He walked a few percent of the Pro-European
candidate Maia Sandu.

In Moldova, several days passed large-scale demonstrations,people demanded the building of the CEC to cancel the results of the second round and to appoint new elections.

At the headquarters Sandu said, ctimeout data about gross fraud on the plots.