Trump denounced the white Suprematists

At the meeting with the staff of the “new York times” the US President-elect rejected the idea of “alternative right”

During Tuesday’s meeting with reporters and editors of the newspaper “new York times” Donald trump condemned the movement of white Suprematists “Alt-right” (the right alternative), representing a group of voters will definitely support the elected President of the United States.

“I don’t want to activate this group, I reject this group”, – quotes trump on Twitter reporter “new York times” Maggie Haberman.

Trump is trying to distance themselves from the “Alt-right” three days after the white nationalists began to shout Nazi slogans at the event, held near Washington.

On Tuesday morning, trump announced on Twitter that he canceled a meeting with the editorial Board of the newspaper “new York times”, to which the President-elect repeatedly spoken out critically.

The meeting was scheduled Tuesday afternoon in the newspaper office, but in the morning, trump wrote that you cancel it.

“I canceled the meeting with “new York times” when its conditions changed at the last moment. It’s ugly,” – he wrote.

A few minutes later, trump has published another post in which you admitted the possibility to arrange a meeting at another time: “Maybe we have a new meeting with the “new York times”. While they continue to cover my work with inaccuracies in an unpleasant tone”.

According to the newspaper, the staff was ready to interview with trump’s mainly for the record, unlike a meeting with American television networks, which took place on Monday.

As stated by the official representative of the “new York times” Eileen Murphy, the newspaper was not aware that trump was canceled until I saw the post trump on Tuesday morning. “We did not change the terms of the meeting and not try to do it. They tried to do this yesterday, asking that the entire meeting was closed, we agreed. In the end we agreed to go back to the original plan and will hold a short closed session with reporters and columnists”, she added.

Trump meets on Tuesday with the employees of some mass media that in a critical way, wrote about him during the election campaign.

Monday, meeting with well-known figures in television, he criticized their coverage of the election campaign, saying that they failed to notice the signs of his coming victory over the candidate of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

A series of meetings with journalists were organized after last Wednesday a group of organizations advocating for media freedom, called on trump to “preserve a long tradition” and to ensure press freedom in the coverage of its activities.

In an open letter to 18 organizations were asked trump to keep the pool of journalists covering all the action and movement of the President and conduct regular briefings for the media.

“The role of the press pool plays a very important role in our country, whose citizens deserve to know what the President does, because it affects their own life,” the letter reads.

Concerns about media access to the new President occurred on November 15, when he left his residence “trump tower” in new York and went to dinner without a press pool.