The last time Obama pardoned a Turkey before Thanksgiving

According to tradition, this ceremony is annually held by the President of the United States on the eve of the national holiday

“Tomorrow, Americans have one of the best days of the year. It is a day when we remember the gifts bestowed on us by fate, to spend time with those we love, and enjoy good food and great friends. For turkeys it is not a good day. Im not lucky today” – the words of the traditional annual greeting President Obama on the eve of the national holiday United States – Thanksgiving.

On the eve of Barack Obama, concluding his presidential term, the last time they held a ceremony, which on this day, traditionally held every President of the United States – the pardoning of turkeys.

Since 1947, the Chairman of the National Turkey Federation (NTF) represents to the President for consideration the candidature of birds, which fact will to pardon.

According to tradition, the title of National Thanksgiving Turkey can be granted to only one bird, however, as noted on the website of the White house, this time two lucky birds will be sent to Blacksburg, Virginia, where, in a new building called “Rest of Turkey”, they have to live under the supervision of veterinarians and students of the Department study of animals and birds at the Polytechnic University of Virginia (Virginia Tech).