The Americans recognized the progress of reforms in Ukraine: the Minister commented on the success of

The increase of the international ratings of Ukraine, Fitch will have to official Kiev is very important, because now the country will be able to attract financing on more advantageous conditions on financial markets of the US and the EU.

This message was published the main Ukrainian financier Alexander danyluk.

He said that the progress of the rating
automatically means recognition of the improved financial situation of Ukraine, which
took place in result of a series of reformist changes in the country. In reality, it gives
the ability to attract financing on more favorable conditions for the country – development
countries to accelerate.

The Minister also noted that Ukraine has conducted a number of
important meetings with representatives of the Agency for the last
a few weeks and continues to work with other partners.

The financier noted that the ratings watch
businessmen. That is why the Ministry of Finance has given the issue a significant proportion of their
time and attention. Hymenophyllaceae financial redstavleny means of economic growth and
the creation of new jobs, the Minister concluded.

It was reported earlier that Ukraine’s debt to international lenders has decreased significantly. Gross debt decreased to 115 billion dollars.While Rosepedal a lawsuit against Ukraine in London’s High court for the recovery of debt in 3 billion dollars.