Medvedev will discuss the program of development of the Far East

MOSCOW, November 23 — RIA Novosti. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will hold a meeting of the government Commission on the socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region, the press service of the Cabinet.

The Commission meeting will participate Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, Federal Ministers, heads of regions, heads of enterprises and banks. They will discuss socio-economic development of the Baikal region and the implementation of government programs of Russia in the social sphere in the far East.

Earlier, the Prime Minister signed a decree according to which the far Eastern sections should appear in all Federal and state programs. The document establishes the procedure for the formation of the far Eastern topics in such programmes, their obligatory coordination with the Ministry and will allow to intensify the work on accelerated development of the Far East with all the program and target tools.

Topics will include events for this macro-region and to set targets, Medvedev said at a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers in mid-November.

The formation of the far Eastern sections in all the key state programs will be completed before 1 April 2017 in the framework of their routine of adjusting the parameters of the Federal budget for the next three years.

The program

The state program “Socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region” was approved in 2013, the period of its implementation: 2014 — 2025. The program, which includes several subprogrammes, involves the formation of conditions for accelerated development of the Far East and the Baikal region, its transformation into a competitive region with a diversified economy and improved the socio-demographic situation.

As expected results indicated acceleration of economic growth in the macro-region, the growing share of non-budgetary sources in the structure of investment, the growth of infrastructure availability economy of the macroregion, including energy supply, transport accessibility, including development of transit potential. In October the state Duma Committee on regional policy and problems of North and Far East noted the low effectiveness of the program.

In DFO since the summer programme, thanks to which Russians will be able once to receive the free hectare of land in the far East. The site is available in 5 years, it needs to be free from rights of third parties and be in free circulation. After 5 years, subject to the development of land it will be possible to rent or get a property. All the inhabitants of the Far East from 1 October unable to land on the territory of its subjects, and from 1 February 2017, all the Russians will be able to become owners of hectares of land in the far East.

In mid-November, the Ministry cited data according to which more than ten thousand applications for the far Eastern hectares was filed by the residents of the Far East. The number of completed applications for the far Eastern hectare leads Magadan oblast.