The Pentagon said the elimination of one of leaders “al-Qaeda” in Syria

The Pentagon reported that last week in Syria was destroyed by one of the leaders of the banned in Russia organization “al-Qaeda” Abu Afghan al-Masri. He was killed by a air strike near the city Sarman, 40 km from Aleppo. This told the press Secretary of the Pentagon Peter cook, reports Reuters.

According to cook, the victim was an Egyptian who joined the terrorist group al-Qaida in Afghanistan, and later joined the ranks of its branch in Syria. He had a relationship with terrorist groups throughout South-Western Asia.

“This is the group responsible for the attack on the American and coalition forces in Afghanistan, as well as those who plotted attacks on the West” — said the press Secretary of the Pentagon.

In early November, Peter cook reported the destruction in Afghanistan of one of leaders “al-kaidy” Farouk al-Qahtani. According to cook, he was killed on October 23 in Kunar province in the East of the country, imparted Reuters. The victim was the leader of a local cell “al-Qaeda”, which was tasked to rebuild a safe haven for terrorists in Afghanistan, said the Pentagon spokesman.