Sold Rybolovlev bought trump’s land for $34,34 million

Russian billionaire and former co-owner of Uralkali Dmitry Rybolovlev sold the site in palm beach Florida for $34.34 million Is one of the three sections into which the divided Rybolovlev bought from Donald trump in 2008, the earth. Then the purchase cost Russian billionaire in $95 million it is reported by portal the Real Deal.

In property Rybolovlev were three sites in palm beach at 515 North County Road with a total area of over 7 acres (1 acres = 0,405 hectares). They all had access to the sea. The length of the coast on a sold parcel is 52 m, the other two is 46 m.

According to The Real Deal, company, County Road Property LLC sold a parcel of land 2.72 acres at 515 North County Road Trust. The identity of the buyer is unknown, but the trust Fund is managed by an attorney Maura Žižka, who participated in the transaction when Rybolovlev bought the land.

In July 2016, local newspaper the Palm Beach Daily News reported that the section on three lots one area can lead to the fact that each lot will cost up to $40 million, reports The Real Deal.

Rybolovlev previously demolished buildings that were acquired from trump’s land. For $234 thousand construction company Mauro Brothers demolished the main residential building, guest rooms, pool and a building with changing rooms and tennis court. According to Forbes, as Rybolovlev is estimated at $7.7 billion.